“He is humorous, bold, and adventurous all at once, channeled through a facility for language and the music of words.” “Deliciously snarky around the edges.”

Short story — Science Fiction — SciFi — Humorous

A story of first contact. Was everybody sufficiently prepared?

I’m moving my content to Medium. Please pray for me.

Part 8.2 of Inspirations for Building Your Home Business — A Guide to Learning

I’m a 70-year-old “boomerang” Medium writer and ready to rumble. Here’s what I’m doing. How do YOU get organized?

A cat stares at the camera from a well-organized closet
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Howdy Pardner

Photo by Ubiq on Unsplash

I read and enjoyed Carrie A. Kelly’s Medium post on adjusting her career path and using her old LinkedIn account with great results.

Because You Asked…

Dianna and David Satterlee pose above an Appalachian lake

A heartwarming poem in which a small child successfully negotiates for a visit to Grandma’s house [with video]

Hey! I found this early attempt at recording…

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My capacities and services

David Satterlee - GreenLeaderFour

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